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It’s what we do that’s unique and different that allows for our patients to get results where other systems fail. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed!



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There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. Americans have never been as sick, diseased, or symptomatic as we are today. There are endless people who are suffering, who have been through the ringer and have tried anything and everything to no avail. For those of you who have a health condition and have been living with symptoms, we assure you there is a better way. Health doesn’t have to be so complicated. There are answers to all of your unanswered questions. There is hope. We know because we have helped thousands of people to overcome health challenges and regain their youth and vitality. It’s what we do that’s different and unique that allows for us to get results where other systems fail. Your life will never be the same after you step foot into our office.

We are perfectionists when it comes to the body and health. Our doctors are both athletes and clearly understand the difference between being healthy and being fit.

Our doctors are trained specifically in the Gonstead System of Chiropractic so you can ensure you are receiving a precise adjustment every time you step foot into the office.

We are experts at Inspiring our patients to make healthier choices, so that together, we can create a lifestyle that will lead to an extraordinary life.

We care about our patients and will soon feel like an extended part of your family. And we have fun while we do it!

Our doctors’ techniques and hands will amaze you. In fact, they have to put them on ice every night and need days off in between because they get so hot!.

Are you as healthy as you would like to be?

Read what patients are saying about Family Chiropractic:

“My health plus the health of my family has been forever changed because of the team at Family Chiropractic.”

“I can’t believe that I spent the first 50 years of my life suffering from numerous health conditions, routinely taking multiple medications, and putting up with symptom after symptom because I thought I had to. I wish somebody would have shared this information with me years ago.”

“This office saved my life, not to mention my marriage. I am forever grateful to Family Chiropractic.”

I first started coming to Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey because my brother was a patient and he was getting a lot of help. I had very bad acid reflux and my parents thought chiropractic could help me like it helped my brother. Dr. Amanda showed me why my spine being out of line is related to having my reflux. I started to feel better and love coming to get adjusted because I know it will keep me healthy

Tyler O., Patient

My daughter Avery, now 18 months old, has been attending my chiropractic visit to see Dr. Amanda Jordan since she was about 4 months old. With a developing immune system, I have found the adjustments that she receives to be very beneficial. It was around 9 months when we began to introduce solid food that she experienced constipation for the first time. I contacted Dr. Jordan to see if an adjustment would be something that could ease her discomfort. I was amazed at what a difference a small adjustment made. Needless to say, my daughter made up for lost time and my husband and I changed more than our normal share of diapers in the days following the adjustment.

Casie Z., Mother of Patient

At six months old Luca rolled down 18 wooden steps to the concrete basement floor. As any mother would do I rushed him to the nearest emergency room. Luca was discharged after 17 minutes. In that time a nurse took his vitals, a doctor took his pulse and a nurse came back in to tell me how resilient children were. As I put Luca in the car I was dialing Family Chiropractic for Luca’s first appointment. Moving forward to just after his first birthday Luca became ill.  At 2 in the morning his lips were blueish and his breathing was labored. I rushed him to Children’s Hospital where after two breathing treatments and a round of steroids he was admitted with a diagnosis of asthma (which is very rare for someone so young). After a two day  stay Luca was discharges with a prescription for steroids and a nebulizer treatment system, all of which have precarious side effects. Since these incidents Luca has been under the constant care of Family Chiropractic and for the last six months has been drug free.  Luca’s asthma is maintained by chiropractic care, he is healthy and very happy.  In August, Luca will be two and he will celebrate just as he should. If you ever run into Luca ask him what he thinks of Dr. Amanda… he will raise his arms in the air and yell yeah!

Luca M., Mother of Patient

I first came to Family Chiropractic through my daughter who was suffering from back pain. It was through Dr. Cotey Jordan’s great explanation, diagnosis, and plan that I realized I should be coming in as well, after suffering from 30+ years of chronic back pain.

I have had lots of health improvements since starting care at Family Chiropractic. I have dramatically decreased my medications, taking no allergy and pain medicine any longer! I have increased energy, increased mobility and range of motion. I like to go to the aqua classes at the YMCA and I have been able to increase my weight and endurance. I am also staring golf! A lot of stuff!

There are so many things I love about coming in for care. Everyone is so cheerful and happy, and they truly care about you. Drs. Amanda and Cotey are so encouraging, they want ME to take ownership for my health and understand everything, and will go to great lengths to explain everything to you. I love their dedication and their excitement to help other people be healthy and live their life to the fullest.

Claudine, Mother of Patient

After working around the house, my back was knocked out of whack and I was having a hard time walking.  In fact, I had to crawl up the stairs in my home on both Sat and Sunday.  On Monday, I called Dr Amanda Jordan and she was able to squeeze me in around 10am that morning.  It was the best call I made.  My pain was rated at a 10 on a scale of 10. Dr Jordan has been an amazing help to me.  She thoroughly explained the issues and walked me through the x-rays.  She gave me tips for eliminating the pain beyond the normal visits and tips for how to live a more healthy lifestyle when it comes to my lower back.  The pain started going away in a very short time frame and I was able to return to work rather quickly.  Dr. Amanda Jordan was fantastic!  The quality of care was more than I expected.  Thank you!

Darryl Tieken, Patient
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With less than 2% of doctors skilled at what we do, we are extremely unique and different. Meet the team responsible for providing the phenomenal results we have been able to deliver to our community over the last decade.

DR. AMANDA JORDANHealth Evangelist
Dr. Amanda is an avid Crossfitter and recently was a featured speaker at The MomCon. She is passionate about all things health and keeping our community’s families healthy. Dr. Amanda share her story: I grew up in a small town about an hour north, called Meadville. My mom was a “Stay at Home” mom, who not only took extreme pride in raising 3 children but also ran two successful family businesses.
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DR. COTEY JORDANWellness Expert
Dr. Cotey has served our country through multiple tours with the United States Air Force and was able to provide care for his fellow troops while in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has spent the past twelve years in eleven countries studying and searching for keys to helping sick people get well and healthy people stronger. Dr. Cotey has devoted his life to coaching people to a lifestyle that will lead to health and success. Read more to hear Dr. Cotey’s story!
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