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Struggling with neck pain? Looking for a natural and non-invasive approach to getting results?

At Family Chiropractic, we know that neck pain can be completely debilitating. Neck pain can be severe enough to cause distraction and discomfort, but is frequently treated with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and never treated at the root.

The problem with this is that untreated neck pain can worsen, and the contributing factors that create neck pain can compound over time, causing injury and further discomfort.

What causes neck pain?

In the modern age, one of the biggest contributing factors that we see causing neck pain is poor posture and injury. Neck pain caused by poor posture is increasingly common with frequent use of technology—staring down at a cell-phone in particular has made forward-head posture very, very common.

What is forward head posture?

Many of our patients with neck pain are experiencing forward-head posture, which is a condition that can be spotted when the head migrates forward, away from its natural position above the shoulders, and can look like craning, leaning, or slouching in the neck and shoulders.

What causes forward head posture?

Forward head posture isn’t just caused by looking at a cell-phone—sitting in a chair for prolonged periods of time, as well as on a couch, or sleeping position can contribute to forward-head posture. Additionally, tension and stress can contribute to forward head posture by causing the muscles of the neck and shoulders to tighten. Over time, tight muscles can shift the joints of the neck in the cervical spine, leading to inflamed nerves, interrupted nerve energy flow, and stifled circulation.

At Family Chiropractic, treating and correcting forward head posture is often an enormously positive contribution to the reduction of neck pain for our patients. Forward head posture affects patients of all ages, and is not limited to any occupation or lifestyle. Forward head posture can affect athletes, office-workers, children, teenagers, and seniors!

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Other Causes of Neck Pain

Other common causes of neck pain include postural factors such as scoliosis and injuries. A frequent form of injury that can go on to cause chronic neck pain is whiplash.

Scoliosis and Neck Pain

Scoliosis can cause neck pain due to prominent misalignment in the spine that typically manifests as a lateral s-shaped curve. This s-shaped curvature, which can occur at different areas of the spine depending on the individual, can cause the neck to strain in an effort to compensate for the foundational imbalances.

Injury and Neck Pain

Injury is another common cause of neck pain—especially whiplash. Whiplash occurs frequently in car accidents. The head is literally “whipped” on the neck forwards and backwards against the headrest, which can cause misalignments in the cervical spine. While it doesn’t always cause initial pain (there may just be a period of soreness and discomfort), it’s common for patients to begin experiencing chronic pain, headaches, and migraines in the months and years that follow the event.

Neck Pain Treatment Designed to Get Your Results.

At Family Chiropractic in Cranberry Township, PA, we have helped countless patients get out of neck pain and get back to living their healthiest lives. We treat each individual patient as unique, and strive to provide you with a completely individualized assessment process and treatment plan. If you’re ready for neck pain treatment in Cranberry Township, PA, then call us today to get started and book your first appointment!

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Patient Reviews

Marty review
Marty W.

Some of my earliest memories in life are of sickness and the subsequent exercises, antibiotics, or surgeries intended to “cure” them. From age two, through high school and into my twenties, I was given antibiotics to treat bronchitis and sinusitis – and even experienced hospitalization when those were severe! I was instructed on how to exercises for poor posture, prescribed medications for severe feminine pain, tranquilizers for dizziness and what was labeled “nervous tension”, and underwent surgeries for endometriosis, cystitis, and two bouts of colon cancer. Until the more recent illnesses, I heard a LOT about things being “all in your head” and just “nervousness”, yet I STILL continued to accept many of own conditions (things that I experienced every day) as “normal,” “just the way it is,” and an “expected” part of growing older.

In December of 2019, my husband experienced lower back injuries that severely affected his leg and foot. Our daughter recommended that he see Drs Amanda and Cotey Jordan. We made the journey from Western New York, but planned to continue care closer to home.

However, what we learned about the close relationship between optimal spinal position and the health and exceptional functioning of every bodily organ amazed and impressed us so much that we continued to make regular trips from Western New York to Family Chiropractic.

During those first few visits for Lee, I began remembering my own history of “normal” and, as he received his first x-ray and evaluation, I realized that my own symptoms – (lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain and stiffness, brain fog, occasional blurring of vision, tinnitus, digestive issues, etc.) – were, in fact, just going to get progressively worse if I didn’t do something corrective SOON!

Fast forward two and a half years to today : Never again will I accept a symptom as “normal,” or ignore the warnings of my own body’s immune system at work. After my second X-Ray, I realized that many of my symptoms were either reduced or no longer a problem at all!

I have learned that the very BEST thing that I can do to avoid sickness—even during a pandemic—is to keep my body in tune and my immune system strong with regular adjustments, proper diet, exercise, and a sound mindset.

I am healthier now than I have ever been and, at my age, that’s saying something. I have not missed a single adjustment during this pandemic; and I won’t! Today, I can say for sure that what others labeled as “all in my head” was really “all in my spine”.

With so many thanks to God and to Drs Cotey and Amanda, this has been (and continues to be) an amazing journey toward life-changing good health!

Review of Kristi
Kristi C.

I started going to Family Chiropractic in late December 2013. I’ve struggled with neck and upper back pain for years. I was the passenger in a car accident in college and have never been the same. I found some relief in the past from other chiropractors, but had to move each time I started getting established. One chiropractor would just adjust me each time I came in. He helped with pain management, but did nothing to help solve the source of the pain. Not long after I moved and no longer was able to go, the pain quickly came back. I just learned to live with it for years, accepting that this was something I’d have to accept and get used to and try to function as best as I could despite the pain.

Finally in December, I’d have enough. I couldn’t carry my 13 month old daughter without being in pain. I met Dr. Amanda in a mommy group on Facebook and found out that her practice was not far from me. I decided to give it a try. At my first visit, I learned how truly bad things were and how other areas were suffering due to my back issues. My balance was off, I was weak in my arms and my x-rays showed my neck was almost totally straight and even starting to curve the opposite direction that it should. I couldn’t believe it. I felt defeated. But I felt like I was finally in good hands of people who could actually, finally, get me the help I desperately needed.

I started my treatment right away and have been going twice a week ever since. I’ve noticed over the past 4 months that I no longer am living with pain daily. I can carry my now 17 month old daughter without pain. At my next x-ray, we found that my neck had a 7 degree change, which is an amazing change! It was proof that Family Chiropractic was helping me – I finally found people who could help “fix” me. It’s such a difference to be able to live pain-free. I’m so thankful that Dr. Cotey and Dr. Amanda truly care about helping their patients –every size and every age –to live healthy, happy and pain-free lives. I appreciate the fact that they don’t just “crack” my back to help me get thru the next few days before my next appointment; they only focus on the areas that are causing the issues and target them to fix the underlying cause of my pain. They had to be tough on me at times, but they knew I could handle it because I am that dedicated and determined to get better. I appreciate everyone at the practice for their warm smiles, their caring hearts, their honesty and their passion for helping people.

Review of Lois
Lois M.

I have lived most of my adult life with chronic neck pain, as well as, many other joint issues.
Lyme was a big reason for my health problems. I had gained a lot of my health back in the few last years, but my neck pain was actually getting worse.

I’d first heard about the Gonstead approach to chiropractic care on Instagram. Further searching led me to Family Chiropractic. I’d never had x-rays on my spine before, so I was a bit shocked at what I saw. We discovered disc degeneration, as well as, a very straight neck that was starting to curve in the opposite direction of where it is supposed to be curving.
I initiated care immediately and by my 3rd Progress exam, I was feeling so much better! Updated X-rays revealed significant progress in our attempts to correct my neck – going from 25° to just 7°.

I am so thankful that I didn’t allow the 1-hour drive to stop me! I’ve been making it work by going early in the morning so I could be back home in time to homeschool my 6 children each day.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Cotey, Dr. Amanda & Dr. Marcus for their care and adjustments which are putting my spine back in line so that I am able to enjoy life again!

Patty review
Patty P.

Patty is a devoted wife and incredible mother to 3 children. She is a long-term resident of the Cranberry Twp area who recently returned to the area in support of her husband, Paul, as he took on the role as one of the Pastors at our very own Victory Family Church!!

Patty’s story is one that is all too familiar – and truly the reason why we do what we do here at Family Chiropractic. Patty hurt her neck when she was a teenager and has since been to multiple chiropractors.

When we say that: “Stress Attacks the Weakest Part of the Body”, there’s no better example than someone like Patty, who knows that she has been struggling with neck discomfort since her injury as a child, and then is able to physically see the amount of degeneration that has occurred over the years – not to mention the headaches and other symptoms that go along with it. This is a prime example of why we see so many kids here at Family Chiropractic.

In fact: it’s the whole point of

Specific Corrective Care Chiropractic.

Please join us and our entire team as we congratulate Patty and help her to celebrate the wonderful correction that she has worked hard to achieve in correcting the structural curves of her neck, as well as strengthening the surrounding soft tissues and stabilizing her new posture!

Patty did a phenomenal job honoring her commitment to being adjusted on a regular schedule, as well as doing the spinal hygiene exercises that were required of her to help stabilize her neck! In addition to taking her corrective care program seriously, Patty has worked hard in other aspects of her life as well. She works diligently to improve herself by continually making better lifestyle choices, strengthening her mindset, and deepening her conviction through prayer and personal development groups!!!

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