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Are you ready to get your life back and eliminate your migraines for good?

Are you or a loved on suffering from debilitating migraine headaches and need a real solution to change your life for good? Migraine headaches are treatable through advancements in corrective chiropractic care. Such treatments have helped millions worldwide, and can help you get rid of your migraines for good.

Our mission is to help you get your life back.

  • Are your relationships suffering?
  • Do you feel misunderstood or alone?
  • Is your quality of life not where it once was?
  • Has your work and home life become a blur?

The Pittsburgh Migraine Challenge is not for everyone. With limited availability, our doctors have very specific requirements in order to be accepted as a patient in our office. What this means to you is you’re going to want to schedule your free consultation to see if you qualify!

Migraines continue to plague millions of Americans each year, and the effects of this condition should not be taken lightly. Because of the many varieties of migraines (including with aura, without aura, ocular, chronic, digestive, and more), some people don’t even realize that they are suffering from migraines! This means that an enormous percentage of individuals are going through their daily life with impaired energy, fatigue, confusion, lack of focus, and in many cases, pain and tension, without realizing that this doesn’t have to be their “normal.”

Our unique form of treatment at Family Chiropractic focuses on creating a holistic treatment plan for each patient that walks through our door. We combine what we know works with what their body needs, and watch as the transformation unfolds. Our treatment style isn’t a quick fix, and we don’t believe in applying a “band-aid” to migraine treatment. Migraines can have a different originating factor, or cause, for each of our patients, and factors that play a role in their treatment are their anatomy, lifestyle, age, and unique occupations and habits.

At Family Chiropractic, we believe that seeing the full picture is essential for developing powerful treatment strategies for our patients. The full picture entails all kinds of factors: how long have you been having migraines? What do your migraines feel like? Have you ever been diagnosed with chronic migraines or headaches due to a specific underlying condition or health concern?

Using powerful, time-tested and research-backed techniques, at Family Chiropractic we address each patient as an individual to discover the treatment plan that works for them. In addition to powerful in-office therapies, we may identify and recommend lifestyle changes, nutritional improvements, and strategies for stress management.

We take migraine treatment seriously because we know how it can completely disrupt life. If you’re ready to accept the Migraine Challenge and improve the quality of your life, schedule your free consultation today.

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This Challenge is for You if:

  • You are hopeful and in search of a your long-term solution
  • You’re sick and tired of having to rely on your medications
  • You value your quality of life and your relationships
  • Your desire is to get rid of your migraines forever

This Challenge is NOT for those::

  • In search of the next quick fix
  • Who are okay with masking the pain of their headaches with medications
  • Looking for a random injection or surgery to magically “fix” them
  • Planning to continue to repeat the three mistakes listed above

Suffering from pain and discomfort?

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