Five Foundational Principles Event Series


Health is a very misinterpreted and emotional topic.  It can also be very overwhelming with all the "health experts" sharing their cure all advice.  There is an actual definition of Health and very few people know it, let alone understand it.  If you would like to experience health through out your lifetime, it would be [...]

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Southwest Quinoa Salad


With summer on its way, this is an extremely versatile recipe! Our family enjoys this salad as a side to almost any protein or vegetable main dish, as the bed for grilled chicken, steak or portabella  and even serves as a tasty filling for any of our lettuce boat nights (our romaine lettuce version of [...]

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Five Foundational Principles


There are no short cuts when it comes to living an amazing life. When it comes to your life, there are five foundational principles that need to be addressed. Faltering on even one principle will drastically effect you living or not living the life you dream about. Our first class will be a quick 30min discussion [...]

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Paleo Lemon Cookies


Spring is here! With the sun making more regular appearances, it makes me want to start switching out of our heavier peanut butter and chocolate rotation and into light spring flavors like lemon and coconut! This is not my recipe, Cavegirl Cuisine deserves all the credit! We simply tested the recipe and everyone, including our [...]

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Lifestyle Integration


  Everyone wants to be healthy. People wish for health. People dream about being healthy. People even pray for health. (Ask any clergymen what the number 1 prayer request revolves around) My problem is that most of these people want someone else to “give” them health. Well let me be very clear…no one is coming [...]

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