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Are you living with chronic or acute back pain? Looking for pack pain relief?

Millions of adults and kids suffer with mild to severe back pain, and while some cases may be linked to other disease or even muscle tightness, the majority of back pain is related to the spine. That is why Corrective Care Chiropractic is so important to pinpointing and address back pain, all without the use of painkillers, invasive procedures, or even surgery.

Back pain treatment in Cranberry Township, PA at Family Chiropractic.

Back pain affects an estimated 8 out of 10 adults in the US alone, at one or more points in their life. For some people, they may experience constant, chronic back pain for days, months, or years. For others, they may experience acute pain as the result of an injury or other sudden life event. In either case, Drs. Amanda and Cotey Jordan are prepared to provide you with a completely individualized assessment and determine where your pain is coming from, and why.

Chiropractic treats back pain at the root.

At Family Chiropractic, we can’t count the number of patients we’ve worked with who were told that there was no solution for their back pain. This can lead to all kinds of coping strategies for those who are trying to carry on with their lives, including the frequent use of prescription and over-the-counter pain medications. At some point, however, painkillers can become less effective, and back pain can start to become an unavoidable part of daily life.

Chiropractic care is a powerful way to address back pain at the root. Whether you’re dealing with sciatic pain, upper back pain, lower back pain, or aching, numbness, and general discomfort, we’ve seen it all. Chiropractic allows the entire neuro-musculoskeletal system to be treated. This includes the nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system.

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What makes chiropractic effective for back pain?

Chiropractic care shines a spotlight on the body systems that are responsible for your back pain. Sometimes, back pain is the result of inflamed, pinched, severed, or damaged nerves. It can also be the result of impeded flow through the nervous system. Back pain can also be due to dysfunction and imbalance in the muscular and skeletal systems, which is commonly the result of misalignment in the joints, tight or tense muscles, bulging discs, muscle knots, inflammation, and injury.

Chiropractic addresses all of these body systems, and can help relieve inflammation of the muscles, joints, and nerves, as well as correct misalignment and loosen tense and injured muscles. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, gentle, and often very relaxing and soothing. In addition to relieving mechanical and physical stress in the body, chiropractic can also be mentally soothing and relaxing to receive.

I’ve suffered with back pain for years.
Can chiropractic help?

At Family Chiropractic, sometimes our patients share that they’ve suffered with back pain for so many years that they don’t know if they will experience relief from treatment. We are pleased to share that we have helped patients experience significant relief from back pain, even those who have suffered from chronic pain for decades (or as long as they can remember).

At Family Chiropractic in Cranberry Township, PA, we explore each patient’s wellness history individually, as well as factor in their symptoms, physical assessment, and lifestyle factors. No one gets a cookie-cutter approach, and our treatment strategies are completely customized to your needs and based on what works.

If you’re looking for relief from chronic or acute back pain and are ready to receive powerful, individualized care, we want to help. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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