Once you commit to fully removing sugar wheat and dairy out of your diet many foods quickly jump on to the “NO list”. 

When I think of summer I also think of fresh salads – when I think of salads I think of creamy homemade ranch dressing!…oh and grilled veggies with goat cheese over a spring mix, sun tea, quinoa salad, watermelon, kabobs on the grill….yes this is how my kind works…. and now I am hungry, but back to RANCH! 
We were meal planning a few weeks ago and my daughter requested salad for dinner and then said,  “but Mom can we do a ‘try night’ and try another dressing?” 
“Try nights” or “try foods” in our home are COMPLETELY NEW recipes or foods! Everyone in the family knows this is a new experience and we have no idea how this will turn out but we have to at least TRY. 
While at Whole Foods we purchased a Paleo Ranch Dressing. Mind you it was one jar and NOT very big. 
It was a total hit!
Dr. Cotey and I both enjoyed the healthy version of something from our childhood and the girls LOVED trying something new and different. 
BUT as a family of 4 that really knows how to eat, we used up almost an entire bottle at one meal! AND the girls requested more salad nights!
So I started researching how to make ranch dressing and how I could make our own. I found multiple Paleo Ranch Dressings and started to play.  

Below is the recipe we are now consistently making! Many of you sampled this at the office. 

1 can full fat coconut milk
1/2 cup Avocado mayonnaise 
1 TBSP Lemon juice
1 TBSP Dill
1 TBSP Parsley
1 small garlic clove

1. Blend like crazy in a blender and then TASTE.

Above is a BASE recipe.
In our world a BASE recipe is just that, a base….meaning you start here….taste…do you want more kick?…add more fresh garlic! do you need more dill?….add more dill! do you want it spicy?…add a little hot sauce!

Just be sure that you are adding these things one at a time, re-blending, tasting…and adjust accordingly!
If you tried the ranch that we had at the office it was a spicy ranch because I only had spicy mayo on hand. When we ate it at home it was too spicy for Grandma and Papa so I added about a 1/2 tablespoon of maple syrup….blended it…and they loved the balance of herb and sweet.

Notation: this dressing is NOT thick. It is a more watery consistency. Thickness depends on the ratio of fat vs. water in your coconut milk can. In the future I would like to play with  using less of the “water” and more of the fat from the can of full fat coconut milk to see if it stays thicker.
**This of course means I will probably have to add more herbs for the kick in flavor that we enjoy! 

Play. Have fun! Enjoy trying something new!
Dr. Amanda