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Rich Chocolate Brownies!


Its summer! The best part about summer is that you have access to such a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables! The worst part about summer is all the picnics and party's, which result in unfortunately many repeated bad choices. Join us on July 28th to combat those bad choices as we will be [...]

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Five Foundational Principles Event Series


Health is a very misinterpreted and emotional topic.  It can also be very overwhelming with all the "health experts" sharing their cure all advice.  There is an actual definition of Health and very few people know it, let alone understand it.  If you would like to experience health through out your lifetime, it would be [...]

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Southwest Quinoa Salad


With summer on its way, this is an extremely versatile recipe! Our family enjoys this salad as a side to almost any protein or vegetable main dish, as the bed for grilled chicken, steak or portabella  and even serves as a tasty filling for any of our lettuce boat nights (our romaine lettuce version of [...]

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