Meet the Team

Cotey and Amanda JordanDrs. Cotey and Amanda Jordan have a strong passion for natural health and wellness and congruently live the lifestyle! Doctor means teacher and these wellness experts continuously step up and boldly educate their community, their patients, local businesses, churches, and organizations. They started their busy practice in Cranberry Township in 2009. Over the years they have restored the health of 1000’s of families and have traveled the world helping the less fortunate in third world countries via clinic abroad trips.  Dr. Cotey has served our country through multiple tours with the United States Air Force and was able to provide care for his fellow troops while in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Health and wellness are developed through the choices we make on a day to day basis. The Doctors understand that when people are healthier, they work harder and are more focused and more productive. In addition they can be better parents, athletes, volunteers and get so much more out of their own lives. The Doctors believe Health is our greatest asset and that, you and only you, are responsible for protecting it, maintaining it or gaining it back.

Drs. Cotey and Amanda’s informative style along with their determined passion towards restoring health have made them popular speakers in the region. Most recently Dr. Amanda was a featured speaker at The MomCon and Dr. Cotey has spoke at several military venues.

Dr. Cotey was born and raised just outside of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Dr. Amanda was born and raised in northern Pennsylvania. Together they have two little girls and enjoy spending as much time outside in the sun, whether it is at the pool, park or just playing together in the neighborhood. Dr. Cotey still actively serves as a Captain in the Air Force. Dr. Amanda is an avid Crossfitter. As a couple they have a passion for traveling as well as experiencing the Pittsburgh restaurant scene.

Cotey Jordan Amanda Jordan