Restoring Family Health Through Chiropractic

2017 Migraine Challenge

The Migraine Challenge movement is about to get started!  If you or someone you care about is suffering from headaches or migraines then you’ve come to the right doctors. With a 100% success rate you have nothing to lose!  Join our movement.


There is an urgent problem facing our community where families are being compromised due to misinformation about health. We are determined to passionately restore family health and animate future generations.

Welcome to Family Chiropractic! A little bit about our office… we have been changing lives in the Cranberry area since July of 2009. We have become the largest pediatric office in the area and have assisted thousands from newborn babies to the elderly. We have observed and corrected all imaginable complications and have achieved results where other medical systems have failed.

If we accept you as a patient, you can be confident that you will be receiving the same level of care as professional and elite athletes. You and your family will have the opportunity to experience optimal health for a life time of wellness.

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Anne S.

Regular adjustments with Dr. Jordan have unquestionably helped me safely negotiate athletic overuse injuries and work related aches.
chiropractic treatment

Andrea S.

After only one month of regular adjustments and taking vitamins, I now have more energy, and my monthly headaches were almost non-existent! I am not on any prescription medications.
chiropractic treatment

Annette L.

I’ve finally found doctors who really listened and throughly researched everything possible that has been going on with my body. I have enjoyed results more quickly than I ever imagined. I’m feeling great for the first time in years!
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Jan S.

Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey have conquered my lifelong fear of chiropractors, and have been able to successfully treat a neck problem for me.
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Erin N.

After just four adjustments, my baby has flipped to head down!
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Kelly O'

Due to the help, intelligence, and caring hearts of the two Doctors we now have a baby!
chiropractic treatment
Dr. Cotey and Dr. Amanda are amazing! I’ve been to many chiropractors in the past and they are definitely not your ‘normal’ chiropractors. From the very beginning of your care and throughout your care, they take time to get to know you! They wan to know about the changes that you are experiencing so they View Full →
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Brandy R.

They aren’t just our chiropractors they are our all over doctors…..and a shoulder to lean on!!
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Ron E.

I never thought I would have so much fun in a doctors office.
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Alex S.

We were looking for an alternative to the antibiotics his doctors used to prescribe weekly for his ear infections. He also had colic, issues with immune system, irregular bowel movements. Since being adjusted he has not even had a single ear infection!
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Scott S.

I found a practice that is very flexible with schedules and gets down to the nuts and bolts of the problem.
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Karen E.

Chiropractic care has improved my life in so many ways I had not expected- I feel younger, walk taller, and have better posture! Overall, my heath has improved dramatically.
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Cheryl A.

My biggest regret was not finding Dr. Jordan sooner. If I would have invested in my health earlier in life I would be so much healthier now for my grandchildren.
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The Jordan’s care about you and your health. They want you to understand how your body works and how to keep it functioning properly. The knowledge I have acquired is just about as huge as the improvement I’ve experienced!
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Jessie M.

Drs. Cotey and Amanda listen to your feedback and thoroughly evaluate your needs to provide an actionable plan that fits within your lifestyle and helps to achieve your individual goals. I now take my entire family in for regular checks and adjustments and the results have been very noticeable.
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I started coming to family chiropractic when I was pregnant with our fourth child. They help manage my sciatica pain and helped with my health during the end of my pregnancy. I have learned a lot from them and now my husband and I get adjusted along with out youngest two!
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Chris M.

I have only been a patient for almost 6 months, and already my life has drastically improved. I realized that when I am not taking care of myself, I am not doing my kids any good.
chiropractic treatment

Chris M.

I have only been a patient for almost 6 months, and already my life has drastically improved.
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Bob H.

Since the Prilosec wasn’t working, prescribed by my PCP, I thought I would give Dr. Jordan a shot. I was also dealing with a metallic taste in my mouth, abdominal cramping, nausea, heartburn, inability to lose weight, and the list goes on and on. Only two weeks after my first adjustment I was feeling better.
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I’ve lived in the area all of my life and have been to 6 chiropractors in the area. Dr. Jordan’s technique, Gonstead, has lasting effects that has really improved my quality of life versus the twisting techniques that I have experienced at other chiropractors that just provide instant and short term relief.
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Shawn B., Madison's dad

Madison’s symptoms have been difficult to isolate a root cause and we have been searching various ‘cures’ for her problems. Finally we found someone who could help our daughter.  Dr. Amanda and Dr. Cotey are very friendly, approachable and create a refreshing change of experience for doctor visits.
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Casie, Avery's mom

It was around 9 months when we began to introduce solid food that she experienced constipation for the first time. I contacted Dr. Jordan to see if an adjustment would be something that could ease her discomfort. I was amazed at what a difference a small adjustment made.
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Tara Q.

Not only are they genuinely caring, they are the best at what they do.
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Darryl T.

The quality of care was more than I expected.
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Sarah V., Kara's mom

Chiropractic care of the highest quality is integral to our family’s health and we are so glad to have found a lifetime fit.
chiropractic treatment
The Drs are so knowledgeable and I love that they are so willing to share their knowledge with you. The office atmosphere makes you feel like family!
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Casie, Abby's mom

I highly recommend every parent to consider chiropractic care for their children as it has been a lifesaver for Abby and my family.

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